Huge and growing demand for film and digital content
It has been described as a ‘new golden era of film finance’. The growth of digital media is a global phenomenon, which is driving the demand for more and more content. The video-streaming capabilities of web-enabled televisions, iPads, Play Stations, X boxes and the like means that films are reaching more people than ever before.
Clear evidence of government support
The Government offer two benefits to investors in films:

  • 20% tax credits. The application of these has been widened in recent years, and now include TV and games
  • EIS and SEIS approval for film investments from HMRC

Neither of these would be offered unless the Government was keen to support the film industry. After all, it is an industry that attracts valuable inward investment.

De-risking of investments
The film industry has learnt what investors want, and so have gone a long way to de-risk investments.

These measures include:

  • ‘pre-sales’ of films, so that revenues are assured, before a film is actually made.
    The development of films and content for specific audiences where there is proven demand.
  • Working with experienced and trusted people, who know what the market wants
  • Creating funds which include several projects, rather than one offs.
  • Availability of independent reviews of film funds.

This is precisely what Iron Box Capital does. Itis founded upon the collaboration of experts in business and veterans of the film and media industry. We have brought together this expertise to work in partnership to provide the most commercially viable investment opportunities.

You can have fun with films
Films are glamourous. They have an aura about them. Perhaps because most of us are not actors or film stars, and can only dream of being actively involved.

But investing in film with Iron Box means that you can now genuinely get involved. You will be offered opportunities to watch filming taking place and meet the cast.

There will be opportunities to be an ‘extra’ in some of the films.

And, of course you will be invited to the film premieres.

We want you to enjoy the whole experience of investing in films.