We work with a range of IFAs, wealth managers, financial planners and Family Offices, to provide investment opportunities for their clients. There is growing interest in EIS investments, both for the generous tax benefits and the genuine growth potential that it offers. There is also a growing realisation that film is today an ideal means of diversifying a portfolio. After all, there is no other investment that offers government approved double tax benefits, with film tax credits as well as the EIS tax benefits.

This means that we understand the needs of advisers and their clients.

  • We have obtained an independent review from MICAP, so that you can have this reassurance in working with Iron Box Capital.
  • We are equipped to train your advisers and paraplanners on both EIS and the opportunities in the film industry. Just let us know your requirements.
  • We are very happy to meet your clients to talk to them about the investment opportunities, and the due diligence that we do on every single investment.
  • We are happy to speak at seminars or other events for your clients
  • We understand that time is important for you, so we have made the administration processes as simple as possible.
  • We invite advisers and their clients to film events, so that you can enjoy the experience that comes from investing in film.

If you are interested in talking further or would like an application pack, please get in touch.

You can call us on 020 7628 7857, or email us at info@ironboxcapital.com. The following information can be downloaded here:

Independent Review by MICAP

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